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Creative Expression thru Art

The Philosophy

In this studio course, participants will explore a variety of different methods and media. Students will be taught how to create stunning and unique works of art with the proper tools and techniques. This course seeks to introduce them to the fundamentals of art while challenging them to attempt even more intricate designs. Participants are not required to have any prior knowledge or artistic technique, and those who already have a background in drawing are still likely to learn relevant material and information while practicing their skills and challenging themselves as the curriculum continues to evolve.

The Program

The introductory class is divided into four-week sections, beginning with drawing, followed by watercolor, then acrylic painting and ending with sculpture. After the introductory course the curriculum changes, and students will begin to learn about more advanced forms of art and tools. Our art class is especially unique, because unlike our other courses, art can accommodate students starting late in the semester since focuses and topics are changed often. One of the most exciting aspects of the program is that each semester, students are provided with the necessary tools and supplies to start working, and best of all, we deliver them right to your door. All supplies are yours to keep.

The Emphasis

A strong emphasis will be placed on technique and the fundamental elements of design, color, line, shape, form, value, composition, and proportion. Working from both observation and reference, artists will build design skills which will allow them to create a personalized vision for their art and the ability to express their ideas visually.

The Goal

Through guided instruction and discussion, participants will gain the experience and improve their craft to take their artwork to the next level. Not only can students plan on learning through short introductory lectures regarding technique and instruction, but they will also be practicing and working during class hours, honing their skills live. The instructors will help to guide and direct students as they draw, sketch and design. Outside of class, students are encouraged to practice and share their work when they meet. Whether students want to prepare for a professional career or just expand their skills and knowledge, our art class covers an incredible amount of topics of interest.

This Course will Cover the Following Topics:

• Drawing • Sketching • Color Theory • Shading • Shape • Form • Value • Line • Design • Composition • Proportion • Light • Perspective • Paint • Mixing • Layering • Brushes • Wire Sculpture • Wood Sculpture • and more!