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Film and Digital Content Creation

The Philosophy

The process of filmmaking has long held a sense of glamour that has earned it a well deserved nickname: movie magic. While the emotions, inspiration, and awe we feel when watching films is in and of itself magical, the practical applications to create film and media can be learned by anyone. A good idea, along with some passion and the right tools, as well as the ability to apply theory and skill to a project can make anyone’s story into a reality. Whether participants want to upload media and video to internet platforms, create films to screen on DVD and Blu-Ray, or screen a high quality file in their local theatre or film festival, the information they can learn in this program is vital to the art. Once they have learned the applicable skills, they are limited only by their imagination. Students will gain in depth knowledge of pre-production, production, post production, and distribution of film and digital content.

The Program

Demonstration of necessary tools, gear, and workstations, including cameras, lighting, and editing. Also discussed will be the various roles that each crew member, both on and off a film or television set, is responsible for. While there is an emphasis on teamwork in the filmmaking community, modernization of digital media has helped to transform what was once a collaborative process into a professional career or hobby that even a single person can produce and finish with very little help, if any. Students can expect a feeling of getting an “a to z” education to introductory filmmaking and the digital content creation process in a short amount of time.

The Emphasis

The course will have an emphasis on story, and how that relates to the filmmaking process. Why we tell stories is just as important as how, and with a better understanding of the “why,” students will have a more effective execution in the “how” phase. The program will also cover delivery of media. In order for work to be effective, it must be seen, and students will be instructed on the various types of delivery systems in which their work can be shown.

The Goal

With the prices of cameras and editing platforms being increasingly more affordable, accessibility to the tools and skills required to create media has never been more tangible. Whether a student wants to create personal content, or deliver a feature length film, the tools and skills that the program provides will prepare them to make their content professionally and efficiently. If a student has never touched a camera, or walked on a film set, they can expect to feel competent in doing so by the end of the course.

This Course will Cover the Following Topics:

• Introduction • The History of Film and Video • Storytelling with Film and Video • Camera and Lenses • Video and Film Editing • Film and Video Formats • Lighting • Who’s Who on a Film Set • Camera Gear and Support • Back-up and Storage • Screenwriting • Delivery Methods and Authoring