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Computer Literacy Made Easy

The Philosophy

The process of computer and web-based navigation if vital to both our professional and personal lives. AcadeME offers two classes, one that emphasizes using the Windows interface, and one that focuses on parts and construction. Understanding the Windows environment and it’s various available programs and software is one of the most important skills a person can have. Whether participants want to learn how to use their computers for their own enrichment or prepare themselves for a professional career, the fundamentals learned in this course will teach them everything they need to know to begin. Once they have learned the applicable skills, they are limited only by their imagination.

The Program

Participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of the internet, business technology, the Microsoft Office Suite, data management, operating systems, maintenance, peripherals, and security in our intro class, and computer construction and design in our advanced class. The program will also offer a demonstration of necessary tools, safety, and workstations. Also discussed will be the various roles available in the field, whether it be for a professional career or hobby. Participants can expect a feeling of getting an “a to z” education in introductory computer navigation or hardware and construction in a short amount of time.

The Emphasis

The construction course will have an emphasis on the physical and “behind the scenes” processes of computers, and the information systems and technology course will emphasize surface processes, software, and programs.

The Goal

With the prices of computers being increasingly more affordable, accessibility to the tools and skills required to feel comfortable and efficient with workstations has never been more tangible. If a participant has never touched a computer, they can expect to feel competent with common software and programs used in businesses and homes or the nature of the physicality of computers by the end of the course.