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Learn to Cook like a Chef

The Philosophy

Anyone can be competent in the kitchen with the right skills. While the variety of tools and assets in the kitchen can seem daunting, a hands-on approach prepares students for real-world experience both preparing and finalizing meals.

The Program

An eight week course will allow students to learn the A-Z of preparation, handling, recipes, tools, taste, and navigation of kitchen environments.

The Emphasis

We seek to provide individuals with a hands-on opportunity to learn how to feel confident in the kitchen with an emphasis on creating affordable, tasteful, and healthy meals.

The Goal

Whether a student has never picked up a knife or used a stove, they will become confident in the kitchen. During our course, you will learn the secrets to preparation and becoming a master of your kitchen and be able to fulfill your goals of a culinary career.


This Course will Cover the Following Topics:

• Food Preparation • Food Handling • Reading a Recipe • Confidence in the Kitchen • Tools of theTrade • Improving Your Palette • Learning How to Cook Like a Pro