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Digital Photography

The Philosophy

Whether you are a hobbyist with high end gear, or an amateur with a cellular phone, the ability to capture a photograph is becoming increasingly more common. The art of photography, however, is what separates the mediocre photo from the striking one.

The Program

During the “Digital Photography” course, participants will gain an understanding of how digital cameras work, as well as how to utilize light, shape, composition, and color to take breathtaking images. The photograph is only as good as the photographer, and this course will teach the mechanics necessary to take photos to the next level through the demonstration of necessary tools, gear, and workstations, including cameras, lighting, and editing.

The Emphasis

With the prices of cameras and editing platforms being increasingly more affordable, accessibility to the tools and skills required to create stunning images has never been more tangible. Whether a student wants to create personal content, or have their photos displayed in a public setting, the tools and skills that the program provides will prepare them to capture their content professionally and efficiently.

The Goal

If a student has never touched a camera, or taken a photo, they can expect to feel competent in doing so by the end of the course. During the course, famous and popular photos will be analyzed for their artistic merit and how it applies to the curriculum.

This Course will Cover the Following Topics:

• Introduction • The Camera • Lenses • Lighting • Color • Back up and Storage • Composition • Photoshop • Delivery